Dashing through the days to Christmas 2017

Christmas Celebration at Tryon Palace

Like everyone else I pack holiday festivities and duties into every day approaching Christmas 2017.  Last weekend I volunteered to assist with the Tryon Palace Candlelight celebration.  A charming small town crowd braved the mid-50 degree chill.  No snarled traffic, plenty of parking and no one rubbed shoulders unless all parties involved wished to participate in the rubbing. 

Commission House Porch
View from my Hot Chocolate Stand

I served hot chocolate and Spiced Tea on this chilly night which kept me too busy to snap anything but phone photos.  After my shift, I had time to set up near the palace to try my hand at capturing the firework finale over the Palace.  I scored one photo from that session and included it in the slideshow below.

I devote part of this week to selecting the photos from my 2017 collection to create Storm’s annual calendar/Christmas present.  The winning photos in my personal contest are shown below in a slide show.  If you follow this site religiously then you have seen them before.  But I hope a glimpse of these might dredge up for you fond memories of a fun filled past year (at least they had that effect on me!).



Sunny’s 2018 Wild West Calendar Picks

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  1. Awesome calendar pictures representing a great year! Next year will be just as awesome I’m sure!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      With friends like you and Matt to share the New Year with I am sure it will be awesome!!

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