Dashing Divas

After months of training, race day arrived and the Divas swarmed to Myrtle Beach.  Compliments to Run Like A Diva race series for a well planned and executed race.  I was especially impressed with the frequency of the port-a-johns and the extremely high quality of hugging firemen at the finish line.  Here are some of the funny and startling things I observed during the race:

T-Shirts: “No Ifs, Ands or Jiggly Butts”  “I am a drinker with a running problem”

At mile 4, we passed 2 ladies who were looking for the finish line for the 3.1 mile (5K) race – gosh I hate it when I miss the finish line!

A lady ran out of her house and held and bounced her 6 month old baby up at my sister and I and yelled at us “Go! Run! Go!”  I am not sure who was more alarmed at this, us or the baby, but none of us broke out in tears so we RAN!

At mile 7 I heard a voice from the bushes proclaiming that she could not make it to the next port-a-john so if anyone was looking for her she was busy in the bushes – things I did not need to know.

I saw a sign that said “Worst Parade Ever” being held up by a guy who I assumed was single and had never had a date.  I mean REALLY??  5000 beautiful, fit, scantily clad women running by one after one?  I would think that for a guy that would be not only the BEST parade ever, but darn near heavenly.  Even a gay guy would have appreciated the spectacular fashion show of tutus and sparkly skirts!

Thanks to all my friends, sisters and nieces who ran with me.  I had a great time laughing and running with you.  Thanks to Beth who got pictures of us with my camera so I could post them here.  Also included in the photo gallery below, pics from our Ocean Isle stay before the race and from my walk in Wilmington on the way home – too long in the car after a race and I just cannot move!  I don’t have any pictures from the after party (what happens at the Diva party stays at the Diva party), but just imagine this:

  • a lazy river pool (my new most favorite thing – I want one at the gym!)
  • filled with Divas wearing tiaras
  • sipping a cool one while lounging in floating tubes
  • lined up bumper to bumper like rubber duckys at a carnival game and you get the idea!

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