Dallying in the Dells

When we planned to visit the Wisconsin Dells on the way to Oshkosh we pictured something like “farmer in the dell, ” not the touristy Water Park Capital of the world that we found.  Now if you know Storm and I, you probably realize that we are not “water park” people.  Thank goodness there were a few other things there that we could enjoy.  We were lured into the Dell Ducks ride just because we wanted to see how this World War II amphibious vehicle worked.  Sarah, our guide was very adept with the old transmission on this machine and we enjoyed that short tour.  We also took a riverboat ride on the Upper Wisconsin river, but honestly it was a little too commercial for us.  One stop on the tour took us through a rock formation called “Witches Gulch” which reminded us both of the much larger and cleaner Bear Town State Park formation in West Virginia.

We spent Thursday driving around admiring the beautiful farms and wildflowers in the counties neighboring the Wisconsin Dells.  Our planned canoe trip on Mirror lake was rained out.  We had also hoped to visit the nearby Amish area, but the Amish in this area close their businesses on Thursday so we scratched that idea.  We will have to save those two excursions for our trip back to the Dells.


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  1. Seeing the picture of the KC-97 you got close to the house on the rocks, did you take that tour? It was a good one if you missed it, this is our second time there and we took Blake on the Tuesday that we were at OSH, he really enjoyed it. Great seeing you guys. Take care and keep em comin. GOD BLESS

    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      We did not tour the house on the rocks. We did see it, maybe we can tour next year. Tell Blake I said hi, it was great to see you all too!

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