Coastal Caresses from Bethany Beach

Indian Inlet

Warm, playful breezes caress me as I stand in the wintry surf at Bethany Beach.  During our visit here in early November, it is warmer than it was at any time we were on the Pacific Coast beaches.  Here are some photos from the beach boardwalk and from the bridge at the Indian River Inlet.

Photos taken near Bethany Beach


Springer Spaniels
There was lots of snarling, teeth baring and dominance displayed on the Boardwalk today and that was just the people trying to park!  These 2 adorable Ukrainian pups calmly observed it all.
Indian River Bridge
Storm and Barbara at Indian River Bridge


Bethany Beach Boardwalk Sign
A handy Boardwalk Sign in case you lose your way
Indian River Inlet at Sunset
Indian River Inlet at Sunset
Indian River Bridge at night
Indian River Bridge at night

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  1. Beautiful picture of Charlie and his sister!? Priceless!!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks – I love that picture of them too!!

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