Cleaning Up and Uninvited Guests

Cleaning the outside of the RV is high on my list of chores.  Sure wish I could just envelope it in a huge bubble like the one shown above.  I tackle this job by washing only half of the RV per day.  Remembering  that together Storm and I could whip this job out in a couple of hours makes me sad and tired. 

Still haven’t figured out how to polish the chrome wheels though.  I plundered through the basement storage and found buffing wheels and polish.  Maybe I am supposed to attach the buffer things to a cordless drill and somehow shine up the rims that way.  Storm always seemed to enjoy making those wheels gleam. I did not find it particularly entertaining to watch him do it. Sure could use some guidance now if anyone knows how I should do this!

This went so much faster when there were two of us!
I think these are the wheel polishing tools. If only I knew what to do with them!

An RV Space Invader?

While I have been hanging out at Mom’s house, I think something moved into my coach.  I see evidence of invasion in the form of tiny poop pellets and a gnawed up T-shirt.  But my mousetraps don’t capture any perpetrators. My sister proclaims that I must have a squirrel loose in the RV.  That is possible.  I am parked under some huge oak trees that might provide easy access into the coach from the roof.  I run to Mom’s and take a nap so that I will be awake between 1am and 4am.  Due to high summer wireless traffic, predawn is the only time I can get on the internet here.  A massive influx of summer visitors overwhelms the lone cell tower on this isolated peninsula at the lake making access tortuously slow during the day.

My brother in law insists that I need a catch and release trap for my guest.  It is too late and too far to ride into town for a trap today.  Instead I go to a local Dollar General and load up on mothballs and dryer sheets.  I generously spread these items throughout the coach.  Maybe they are enough to drive my unwanted guest(s?) away.

Sunny Weathers - Squirrel Trapper

The next day, I purchase a huge trap and take it back to the coach.  My inspection reveals no unusual wildlife activity overnight.   I find the squirrel cage instructions on the internet, but I am still baffled by the trap’s operation.  It seems that the only thing likely to be caught in this contraption is my fingers.  Not good since my recovery from the injuries I received setting the little wooden mousetraps is not yet complete.  Also I realize if I succeed in catching something in this trap, I will be faced with releasing it.  Confronting a wild, angry squirrel at arm’s length is something I would like to avoid.  I certainly can’t imagine attempting to somehow open the trap and release him without being subjected to indignant squirrel retaliation. 

I am not brave enough to come this close to an enraged squirrel!

My sister mentioned in our previous pest control discussions that if I were living in the RV, the squirrels would not bother it.  I sluggishly hatch the following idea the next day. What if the squirrels (or whatever it is) just THOUGHT I had moved back into the RV??  To fool them, I devise the brilliant (in my opinion) scheme to add a loudly broadcasting radio to my arsenal of rodent defenses.  I select NPR for the variety of content and crank it up loudly enough to be heard on the outside of my rig.  Maybe this will discourage the rodents from even thinking about coming inside

What Next??

While being alert for inhuman visitors, I continue to rearrange and optimize space in the coach.  I am baffled by the collection of chemicals and solvents stored underneath with Storm’s tools.  I hope that I can enlist someone to help me decide what to keep and what to dispose of. 

Steve is set to return in a week or so to help me drain, flush and refill the HydroHot heat system.    We are under the extremely kind and helpful guidance of Michael at HeatMyRV.  Storm had just begun troubleshooting this problem when he got sick.

I find Storm’s notes and call Michael for help.  In the past he and John have been exceptionally instructive in helping us repair this important piece of equipment.  When I explain my situation to Michael, he assures me that he will not rest until my heat is working properly again.  What a great guy!

Steve takes a different approach to RV repair from Storm.
In Loving Memory - Stormy Weathers
When the memories overwhelm me, a nice walk down to the lake helps. Thanks also to each one of you who calls, texts, sends cards (or clothing Sally!) or takes time from your day to meet me for lunch. Your kindness cheers me up so much and I am so grateful that Storm left me the gift of such compassionate friends. Love You All!!!

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Pilot, motorcyclist and full time RVer. Follow me as I travel all over the US in my Country Coach RV volunteering, making new friends and pursuing a constant outdoor temperature between 70F and 80F. I'll share the fun and the tribulations and any great survival tricks I learn!

8 Replies to “Cleaning Up and Uninvited Guests”

  1. jim & sandy dukeman says: Reply

    Looks like Steve has the right idea, just the wrong caliber. ;>)) I can’t help you on the heat thing, never had or saw one before but could probably figure it out after a couple of hours of being friendly with it. The wheel polishing tools need a cordless or regular drill if there is a plug in close to the coach. I need to do ours again too. Takes some time but sure worth it when they are shiny and bright. ;>) RV’s are kinda like airplanes, more your around them the more you learn. :>))) Hope you can catch the critter before he decides to take up permanent residents. Love ya kid, keep makin memories. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hahaha! I am sure that Storm FELT like trying that method a few times. Thank goodness I think the critter has abandoned ship. Thanks for the polishing tips!

  2. Deb, This is a learning experience but I know you can handle any challenges! Matt will send you a message about polishing the wheels. He also says that if Charlie had solvents and chemicals with his tools they are probably important….or maybe he (like Matt) had trouble getting rid of stuff — “you never know, I might need that”. Wish we were there to help you! Good luck with the hydro hot and rodent issue!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks – Matt’s note was helpful. I think you are right about the solvents – it was a little of both (might be important, might need someday.)

  3. Nina Stapleton says: Reply

    Mouse or Squirrel, either one is so destructive. You might just need to get a huge cat. :) Hoping you get the Hydro Hot issue under control. We have the on demand water heater and I can’t say I like it. It’s more temperamental than a teenage girl, never know what will cause it to throw a fit. Wish I could offer more help. Thinking of you often

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hahaha! I am going to have to start a list of Ninaisms. I like that one about the teenage girl!!

  4. Barbara Kauffman says: Reply

    Deb, you’ve always risen and met every challenge in front of you. Go get ’em! I love watching the how you handle all that you’re are embarking now! You are an inspiration!! (Danielle)

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks for the encouragement! As I am sure you know, there are a lot of ups and downs recovering from such a great loss. It helps to know that you are out there rooting for me!!

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