Chicken Corners

Eager to introduce us to the quad experience at Moab, Jim kindly loaned Storm and me his RZR and hooked us up with an experienced guide, Cory and a lovely riding group (hereafter referred to as “The Canadians” 🙂 ) who were getting ready to ride out on the Chicken Corners trail. Chicken Corners is a great introductory trail to quad riding around Moab as it is easy to follow and really doesn’t have any obstacles. The biggest challenge of the ride is keeping your eyes on the trail rather than staring at the beautiful scenery causing a crash into a rock or off of a cliff. They call it Chicken Corners because when you get to the end there is a narrow ledge that you can walk around if you are not “chicken” and from there you are rewarded with a beautiful view of the Colorado River and across it Dead Horse State Park. Compared to the other rides that Jim keeps mentioning (Hell’s Revenge, Widow Maker, Poison Spider, Metal Bender to name a few) Chicken Corners sounded like the ride for us and we hurriedly accepted his offer and peeled out on his machine before he changed his mind. We safely made it all the way out to the corners (OK, except one stray turn down the “bush” trail but other than that…) – check out our trip:

*Be sure to bump up your video quality settings to 720HD

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  1. Eric's friend Cherie says: Reply

    Aaaahhh I feel like I’m on vacation too when I read your updates and watch your vids…keep the adventures coming! Glad you are enjoying yourselves:-)

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      We wish you were here with us too! Don’t work too hard.

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