Music and Travel

Now that the holidays are over, I am off to Florida to help my Mom with some business down there. To quickly explain why I have been so slack in posting, I have been very absorbed with music. Planned surgeries for a couple of band members required compacting as much music as could be squeezed […]

Home, Home on the Range

After two months of website silence, I hardly know where to begin.  I will start with the big news.  Over the winter, I purchased a mobile home in a community filled with people that I just love.  Many of them are musicians and all of them are the sort of friendly, kind and entertaining folks […]

A Western Farewell to 2022

I sure am happy to have survived the holidays.  During December, some sort of Christmas flu ravaged our neighborhood.  Much to my great sadness, I did not escape the lingering symptoms. But now that the New Year has arrived I feel much less tired and grouchy.  Apparently the strain of flu I had turned normally […]