Another Small World Story

Storm loved to take kids up in the cub! This week I experience a “small world” moment that reminds me of my many friends who pilot Young Eagle flights.  Storm and I spent many fun hours with this group offering free airplane rides to youngsters.  I am thrilled to be reminded of those times.  Here […]

A Sphere and a Song

Merry Christmas How I long for the days when I can again grocery shop without feeling like I am on a scavenger hunt.  The stress and complications of everyday life in 2020 turn my thoughts to isolation possibilities.  And I am in luck because there is a nearby facility where isolation has been studied in […]

Walk, Sunny, Walk

When I sign up for a Saturday 5K Walk/Run in a nearby town I think I am going to have company.  I also erroneously believe the weather will remain moderate and not plunge below freezing on the day of the race.  At the break of dawn on Saturday, I am forced to face some hard […]

A Different Kind of Thanksgiving Bird

Five layers into 24 hour multi-layer salad prep. Individually packaged to share with my friends for enhanced social distancing. The RV Resort where I am wintering cancels the community pot luck lunch normally enjoyed by residents here each holiday.  Instead volunteers prepare plates of traditional Thanksgiving fixins at various kitchens in their homes and groups […]