A Western Farewell to 2022

I sure am happy to have survived the holidays.  During December, some sort of Christmas flu ravaged our neighborhood.  Much to my great sadness, I did not escape the lingering symptoms. But now that the New Year has arrived I feel much less tired and grouchy.  Apparently the strain of flu I had turned normally […]

Bye Bye Benson

“I bet that you want to drive the train,” Bob says as he welcomes me to the Benson Visitor Center, “all the kids do.”  Nailed it, Bob – a chance to drive the train is exactly my reason for stopping in.  This is my first stop of several touristy visits I plan in the area […]

Are We Nuts?

When my friends and I are not shivering in our RVs waiting for the weather to remember that we are in Arizona NOT Alaska, we search for adventures all around us.  I spend a sunny spring like day at the Tubac Art and Craft show one recent Saturday.  I refrain from purchasing any of the […]