A Visit to North Dakota

I read on the internet (purveyor of unlimited truths and fabrications) that the Inuit language has over 40 words for snow.  In South Dakota, the locals have almost that many words for the frequently occurring icy projectiles that descend from the heavens here.  Yes, hail will get you if you visit this state no matter […]

Things are just Ducky now!

I don’t know about your bucket list, but mine has always included attending a rubber ducky race.  At last I get my chance at the 1st annual Rubber Duck race in nearby Belle Fourche.  Unexpectedly this exciting race includes some cunning strategy by several of the more competitive ducks. A shrewd duck grabs the lead […]

Settled in Spearfish?

First of all, I apologize for waiting so long to post between moves.  After all of my recent tire ordeals, I want to actually be sure I have arrived and am settled before posting.  I have almost reached that point when I am rudely awakened this morning at 6am. Startled from a cozy sleep, my […]