Jeepers Creepers

Having mailed my vote in early, tracked it and verified that it was counted, I find myself free of obligations on Election Day.  Now I need refuge from the battering of vicious and confusing rhetoric spewing from every piece of electronic equipment that I own, so I head to the desert. My friends and I […]

Old and New Memories

I sure had a great time chauffeuring Matt and Sherry around Southern Utah in the Jeep.  Much of the ground we cover I have already shared on this website multiple times so I will add just a few new notes. In addition to visiting Capitol Reef, we meet Jim Brown for a couple of days […]

Running from Winter

The plan is to spend a few relaxing days after our last volunteer work day on Labor Day weekend leisurely preparing to move on.  Mother Nature has other plans.  She rudely reminds us that summer in Laramie ends a day or two after Labor Day.  Snow predictions warn of an eagerly  approaching winter.  With snow […]