Care to Engage in a Little Pareidolia?

Pareidolia Face

What is Pareidolia?  Have you ever been cloud gazing and seen floating by you a herd of fluffy bunnies on glittery unicorns sprinkling marshmallows over a buttery field of daffodils? (Well, OK – maybe I am the only one who ever actually sees that)  Have you ever visualized cumulus faces parading through the sky on a lazy, summer day?  Seen a lunar countenance on the full moon?

If yes, then you have experienced Pareidolia which occurs when people imagine faces on inanimate objects.  For instance in Oshkosh one year I was haunted by airplane visages.  They seemed to keep me under constant surveillance as I wandered among the show planes.  I captured as many of their mug shots as I safely could.  But wait!  That may have been a case of apophenia, the tendency to imagine patterns and plots often giving birth to conspiracy theories.  At any rate, see if you recognize any of these suspicious characters:

Oshkosh Pareidolia

I received a photography school lesson recently suggesting I begin a project consisting of Pareidolia inspired photos.  My daily walks along the waterfront and through downtown here seemed a perfect time to attempt this task.  Below are the photos I collected during my walks.  I hope you enjoy them and don’t feel badly if you don’t see the faces like I do.  That probably means that unlike me, you are perfectly normal!

New Bern Faces

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2 Replies to “Care to Engage in a Little Pareidolia?”

  1. Generally, the only time I experience Pareidolia is after having consumed mass quantities of American Honey Bourbon.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hahaha! You bring up a good point, Jim. While I was completely sober when I took these photos (believe it or not!), alcohol can certainly amplify the Pareidolia experience. Of course the fine line between Pareidolia and apophenia can easily be crossed when heavily indulging!

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