Calm Memories of New Bern for a Windy Day

At 4:19am a thundering wind volubly beats a tattoo on our slide toppers and awnings simultaneously snatching a peaceful slumber from me.  I stumble outside into the black tempest.  I secure our patio furniture and realize that today is going to be a “trying” day in New Bern.  Since Snowmageddon most days here have been “promising.”  On those days the still winter weather masquerades as Spring.  The sunny, delicate breezes coax blossoms and buds to boldly emerge all over the city.  But today it seems that Mother Nature is determined to blow all premature evidence of Spring away.  The high temperature today will be in the 50s.  However 50 mph wind gusts chill everything in a frustratingly winter like way.

Pre-Spring Pictures of New Bern

Like a timid tortoise I huddle inside the slide retracted RV hoping that nothing is ripped off by the destructive winds. To relax, I look back over the pictures I took recently on more favorable days.  Perhaps these shots will sooth you too!

Spring Flowers
Early blooming flowers make my walks so fragrant
Train in New Bern
It took me forever to be downtown at the right time to catch the train that travels down the center of Hancock Street
New Bern Train
FYI – people told me this train travels this track “all the time.” But I have only seen it there between 2:00 and 4:30pm – BUT it IS always #6114
Episcopal Church in New Bern
If you tour the Episcopal Church downtown, you can see the “Vinegar Bible.”  The Vinegar Bible is a handwritten relic from the 1700’s given to the residents of New Bern by Governor Tryon.  The writer made a Sunny like error in his work.  He titled the parable of Jesus in the Vineyard as Jesus in the Vinegar.  Could happen to anyone, right?
Fish on New Bern Waterfront
I almost stumbled over this supper on the sidewalk while walking the New Bern waterfront

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2 Replies to “Calm Memories of New Bern for a Windy Day”

  1. Only person I know that can make SOMETHING out of NOTHING we lived there for 3 years and you have shown us more in these short blogs than we have seen the entire time we were there. Thanks for the memories, have a great day. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks, but I have to admit that while you were here you had a job to do and a family to raise. I, of course, just have a bunch of time on my hands to spend pounding the pavement looking for pictures to take 🙂

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