Teeth chattering and bones chilled, I finally made my first appearance at Merlefest.  No I did not perform unless you count the spectacle I made of myself trying to learn to flatdance (note to self – bring clogging shoes next time, tennis shoes and plywood floors are more than old knees can take).  At least trying to dance was a good way to warm up!  I was amazed at how easy it was to get in and out of the festival.  I always imagined that Merlefest would be very crowded and hard to navigate.  Of course, I also imagined enjoying the festival on a warm sunny spring day while I soaked in the rays and the sounds of beautiful music.  But this time, the only thing I soaked up besides some killer songs from Paul Thorn and Robert Earl Keene was a light drizzle that would not allow the temperature to rise or allow me to dry out!

My favorite song from the day was Burn Down The Trailer Park by Paul Thorne followed closely by Old Stray Dogs and Jesus.

Here are some pictures that I gathered up while touring nearby wineries on Saturday.  They love their dry wine in the Yadkin Valley Wineries.  After tastings at several wineries there, it took me 2 days to get my face unpuckered.  Thank goodness for the sweet, sweet muscadine grapes of coastal NC!

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