Box Car Loop and Kamikaze Trail!

View from Kamikaze Trail

When Leyman and Jane invite Storm and me to join a Jeep group headed for a ride on Box Car Loop, Storm is excited.  When he adds that we will also drive down (and back up) Kamikaze Trail, I get nervous.  Sure enough, I check both routes in my trail book and they are red!  But only in a couple of places which I am led to believe are more “pink” than truly red.

Thanks to Jane for this photo of the cave house facades and solar system

First Easy, Then Scary

On Box Car Loop we pass a subdivision where the folks all live in caves with false house facades.  This subdivision is topped with a massive array of solar panels.  Once on the trail, the canyon views sweep in all directions.  We travel past boxcar arch, but are not able to get close to this arch.  The “gnarly” parts of this trail prove to be very doable in our Rubicon.

Kamikaze trail is a different story.  Especially alarming to me is the note in my trail book which warns that while the trip down might not look too terrifying, the trip back up could be a more frightening story.  Not good since the trial down already has my hands twitching in a nervous strap grasping tic.

Riding Kamikaze Trail – (thanks to Jane for sharing her videos and photos with me!)

Jane captured this shot of Boxcar Arch





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2 Replies to “Box Car Loop and Kamikaze Trail!”

  1. Do the cave people own the caves? Matt says “No way!” to the Kamikaze Trail.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I found this article about the houses
      Apparently the houses were built by a Morman Polygamist to house his extended family in case of nuclear war – wow!
      Hahaha – Matt is the smart one!

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