Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Jim takes his role as professional guide seriously
Jim takes his role as professional guide seriously

While we have been visiting old friends and making new ones across the midwest, Jim (remember Jim the star of my Moab videos?) has been extremely busy exploring new territory around Montrose, Colorado.  If you have been following his blog, you have seen the awesome pictures he has taken while off road in that area. I accuse him of photo editing (heaven forbid!), but he swears the pictures come from his camera already like that – the mountains of Southwestern Colorado are naturally photogenic, vibrant, dry and cool.  I gotta get me some of that!

First stop on our whirlwind tour is the south side of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  I am thrilled to visit this national park because Dean (remember Dean – husband of Terrie the outlaw biker babe/extreme OHV adventurist?), has reminded me several times when we were traveling nearby that this is a park not to be missed.  Well here I am and what a park!  It is not often that the Prius gets to work out on an extremely twisty 16% grade road like the one that descends to the East Portal in this park (thank GOD we weren’t in the RV!).  An extra incentive to visit this park is that unlike so many other National Parks, it is NOT crowded.  Lots of room to park, hike and explore without tripping over other visitors.

Redneck Observatory?
Redneck Observatory?

As the day melts into late afternoon and storm clouds roll over the canyon, we decide to cut our visit short and save the North side of the park (which is about 100 mile drive away) for another visit. On our way home we spot the unusual structure pictured on the right.  We may have to make a late night return visit to check out the telescope – if we are brave enough!

Here are a few pictures from our park visit:

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  1. Too close to the edge.


    There goes Charlie.

    We need leg restraints to keep him away from precipes.


  2. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

    Maybe restraints would help – he seems too fascinated by heights near the edges!

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