Beginner’s Guide to Utah’s Alpine Loop

The video (below) for our Alpine Loop ride is kind of long, so I won’t type a lot about this adventure.  Instead you can virtually join us while viewing the video.  I must suggest if you actually tour this 20 mile scenic backway east of Provo, start at the north end and head south by taking Hwy 92 off I-15 (we went the opposite direction). View from Sundance Summit

You will visit Timpanogas Cave National Monument first by driving from the north.  If you don’t purchase your tour tickets online, then you need to arrive early at the Monument visitor center.  There you can purchase tour tickets for the 3 hour (1 hour hike up, 1 hour tour, 1 hour down) cave tour.  I would suggest eating lunch at the picnic area across the street from the National Monument visitor center.  Next you can follow the byway to Cascade Springs (where picnicking is NOT allowed). 

Matt takes photos at Sundance SummitIf you are hungry again when you pull in to Sundance, you can eat in the valley or enjoy an ice cream after riding the ski lift to the Summit as we did.  When you pass Bridal Veil Falls on your left along Hwy 189 returning to Provo, the falls should be basking in the afternoon sun.  In the morning the falls are in the shadow of the mountains and difficult to photograph if you choose to make this trip south to north as we did.

Hope you enjoy sharing our Alpine Loop Tour


**PS – I am behind on posting so let me bring you up to date on our actual location.  We are in Northern Nevada right now on Pacific Daylight time – 3 hours behind EDT.  Light snow flurries are predicted for this area overnight.  We think our fridge has some kind of weather empathy syndrome happening where it simulates the outside weather.  It was warm in the desert, but is now like an arctic winter inside.  We have adopted a wait and see attitude as weird things sometimes occur in the coach then stop inexplicably.  I just hope the refrigerator doesn’t get windy and foggy inside when we arrive in Oregon!

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4 Replies to “Beginner’s Guide to Utah’s Alpine Loop”

  1. Outstanding pictures as usual, wow what a place to go to. The little blond almost stoled the show, what a brave young lady, our Billy would be willing to do that as well in his younger days. Keep up the good work and have fun.
    Getting a little tired of the darn robot thingy…….:>)GOD BLESS


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      She was definitely a gem – what a great job she has!

  2. Fun day! The video turned out awesome. Looking forward to the next!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks for all your help and for being stars in the video!!

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