Beautiful Bisbee Afternoon

Our plans for a month of adventure in Arizona, Utah and Nevada with Jim are unexpectedly interrupted. Once parked in Gold Canyon, Jim’s BRAND NEW motor home (purchased specifically for this trip) suffers a series of catastrophically debilitating malfunctions.  The afternoon before we are to leave, master repairmen (defined as guys standing around the RV park, Jim and Stormy) work intermittently on the problem.  In spite of their efforts to carefully maintain their own correct level of liquid refreshment, their efforts to repair the stubborn master control are in vain. The RV’s wireless control system lost connection to many important systems including a slide that now will not retract for travel.  Inexplicably the next morning, some of the broken systems begin working again.  Jim quickly gets on the road headed home for some 911 RV repair.

Before we leave for Bisbee, we are treated to a St. Patrick Day parade at our RV

Rather than press on with our planned adventure without Jim, Storm and I decide to return to Southern Arizona.  We resume our previous activities here.  We sing, dance, play music, sight-see and 4-wheel (not necessarily all at the same time) with our friends.  On a sunny Saturday, we drive toward Mexico stopping short of the border to tour the mining town of Bisbee.

Scaling Bisbee

Fortified by a late morning meal that Storm calls “the best restaurant breakfast he has eaten all year,” we leave the bustling Bisbee Breakfast Club to backtrack a mile or so and tackle the hills of downtown Bisbee.  When the mine operations moved away from the town proper, artists and breweries moved into Bisbee transforming the economy to one based on tourism. 

Lots of old vehicles on display in Lowell around the Bisbee Breakfast Club
The town donkey keeps Storm company in the park while I wandered through town

Nestled into a steep hillside, this town features more than its fair share of stairs.  We tackle a few sets before Storm decides to relax in a park at the top of an especially long ascent.  I continue my search for an elusive flight that I had seen pictured in the museum gift shop.  When we enter the Bisbee Mining Museum, the docent so enthralls us with mining stories that we eagerly pay the entrance fee for a peek inside.  The exhibits are captivating and I love the glittery, colorful mineral formations on display.

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  1. That’s a beautiful ass!


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply


  2. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    Sorry Jim had so many problems, hope the company takes good care of them. You all really need to get in touch with the state departments in the states that you travel. You make every place you go to making folks want MORE. I may have to get a job for a year so I can get enough money to travel with you all for a month or so. ;>))) Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks so much for the encouragement! We would be tickled to death if you and Sandy joined us for some travel!!

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