Balloon Chasing 202

Arroyo seen from my morning walk

As the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta hastens toward us, like silent wingman an increasing number of balloons escort the rising sun as it climbs toward its zenith each day.  Meanwhile Storm and I are not wasting the dazzling daylight we enjoy each day here and are working hard to fulfill our volunteer requirements for the Fiesta.

When men do "doo"
When men do “doo”

Our RV site includes water and electric hookup, but no sewer hookup so Storm helps man the “pump team” twice weekly snaking behind the honey wagon to unload tanks.  Storm also doubles as a roofer replacing torn and exhausted shingles on several small buildings scattered about the Fiesta grounds.  So far I have had it super easy merely helping to make festival reminder phone calls occasionally and stuffing “goodie” bags to be given away at the Fiesta.

Storm broadens his aviation horizon at Ballooning Class

Sunday, Storm and I attend a Fiesta sponsored class called Ballooning 202 where we learn about becoming a balloon chaser.  Attempting to follow roads while stalking a wind blown hot air balloon in hopes of rejoining it to assist in its landing and repacking sounds like adrenaline pumping fun to me.  Probably easier to master though if Storm and I were from Albuquerque and actually understood where the roads are headed.  With our limited knowledge of area cartography, we sometimes have a hard time consistently finding the local grocery store and unlike a hot air balloon the grocery store is not usually floating gently away from us on an autumn breeze.

After the class, we board the RailRunner Express train from the nearby Sandia Pueblo station to spend our afternoon in Santo Fe.  We are too exhausted from our morning educational activities to really enjoy walking the town plaza and window shopping.  We do get a much appreciated train induced nap on the ride home which we desperately needed.  Here are a few pics from Santa Fe, our chaser class.

Train to Sante Fe
In the Railyard at Sante Fe
Near the Plaza in Sante Fe
Sunday morning practice
Attentive ballooning students
Sunday morning class
Nita demonstrates burner operation

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  1. Weather looks outstandingly nice. Great pic’s and keep up the good work. We are holding the fort down here. ;>) GOD BLESS


    1. Sounds like you are doing a great job holding down the fort there! Weather has been wonderful here.

  2. Beautiful pictures! The bricks of clay is cool.

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