Back in Moab Again

Does this look like a convenience store?

After getting the “house” set up on our site in Moab, Storm is anxious to introduce the Rubicon to off roading.  Our first short afternoon expedition takes us far enough up Onion Creek Road to realize that the Rubicon needs fuel.  We have GOT to learn to check the gas guage more often.  We are so spoiled by the sparrow like fuel sipping habits of the Prius that we are constantly caught off guard by the Rubicon’s gluttony. 

I fear that Storm will make me walk back for fuel rather than admit to another Jeeper that we forgot to fill up before heading up “there is nothing out here but scenery” canyon.  New checklist item before exploration departures, “fuel tank full?”    We vow to begin the next day with a fuel satiated Rubicon, plenty of food (for us), water, camera, drone and an assortment of survival gadgets so we can enjoy a worry-free day putting the Rubicon through her paces.

For our first foray into the cellular deficient, unpaved, untamed wilderness outside Moab, Storm eases the Rubicon into its new off road life by taking her out on Shafer Road and through Long Canyon.  Here is a recap of our first full day ride on this visit.  Jim leads us allowing Michelle and George to get their first real taste of the dusty magnificence of the Moab outback under the knowledgeable guidance of a true professional.


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2 Replies to “Back in Moab Again”

  1. at least you didn’t run completely out of gas. You know that is why most of the army jeeps carried a jerry can on the back didn’t ya? :>) Might be a good idea for you guys too. Your having just too much fun, keep it up as we are getting a kick out of watching you all. GOD BLESS


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hahaha! What we are learning is that if we start with a full tank we can ride all day on the trails with no need for extra. Turns out that the we only burn about 1/4 tank in 9 hours of riding 1 MPH 🙂

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