Area BFE – Extreme Off Roading

AREA BFE Broncos Practice

The website for the Area BFE set of trails south of Moab includes warnings to riders like “damage likely” and lists these requirements for successfully navigating some of their trails:

Requirements: Min. 37″ tires, Lockers, Winch, spare parts possible, a welder, and SPOTTER! Do not attempt alone!

So when Jim and Storm head out to visit Area BFE on Monday, they have no intention (as far as I know) of riding here.  The plan is to practice flying the drones and if they get lucky, film other riders tackling some of the BFE obstacles.  That plan works perfectly for them.  Shortly after Jim and Storm arrive and set up the drones, a group of Bronco riders appear and begin practicing near them.  Here is a short video I compiled of the Bronco riders and the drone fliers playing with their toys.

*No Rubicons were harmed during the filming of this video!



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2 Replies to “Area BFE – Extreme Off Roading”

  1. I think that Charlie had more fun with the drone then the guys trying to drive over rocks. ;>) GOD BLESS


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I agree, He was grinning when he returned from that adventure!

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