Appreciating the Treasures in Life

Sometimes I find myself briefly (but never for more than a few seconds, I promise!) taking for granted the fact that so many award winning people do me the honor of calling me friend.  This weekend one of the diamonds in my ring of friendships, the incomparable N. Clement Weathers, reminds my of my great fortune.  At his invitation, Storm and I attend a ceremony in Chapel Hill at which N. Clement is recognized (at long last!) as a Community Treasure

Award Winning in her own right, Show Girl longs to take wing on a sunny Autumn day

As I sit in the appreciative audience, I reflect on my other award winning friends.  Regrettably I have not been able to attend each ceremony recognizing their magnificence.  Nonetheless, I am proud as a peacock of each one of you!  For instance while we were rock crawling in Utah last year, Jim Dukeman was soaring to new heights as a Wright Brothers Master Pilot. This FAA recognition for his contributions to aviation was extremely well deserved.  Sure wish we could have been there to cheer with his many other fans!

Edit A Touching Tribute​

While I am duly impressed with NC’s award, I am even more touched by an incident that occurs later that same day.  The three of us stroll along Franklin Street searching for some late afternoon Sunday fare.  Absorbed in our quest, we almost miss the quiet words of a ear bedazzled young man as he passes us headed in other direction. “You’re the lawyer that helped me one time,” he softly directs at NC’s retreat.  I turn and catch a glimpse of the gratitude in this young man’s eyes.  Now that is the kind of tribute to which I aspire.

Presenting a Jewel

Now let’s enjoy some fun with N. Clement.  As you will glean from my video, he is both a Community Treasure and a Town Jewel depending on how confused I am at the moment!!  Please check out the Chapel Hill Historical Society Website if you wish to read his entire, very impressive proclamation.

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6 Replies to “Appreciating the Treasures in Life”

  1. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    You all are the CROWN that the jewels ride on, thanks for being there and being our friend. Well deserved award for N-Clement Weather he has done so much for the kids and the community, glad they realized that and gave him that prestigious award. Thanks again for the wonderful blog that you send out from time to time. Wish you all the best. GOD BLESS
    Jim / Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thank you and congratulations! I know a lot of folks including Storm and me who would never have found the joy of aviation without your guidance!

  2. I am so lucky to know you all.

    Thank you.

    N.C. W.

  3. "Foul" Weather says: Reply

    just a teeny little bit, ok hugely really, proud of my baby brother for his infintessimal contributions to mankind. thanks stormy for sharing this here.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I am totally with you on the proud part!

  4. Congrats to N. Clement, and thanks for this post!

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