Another Round of Moab for Dean and Terrie Plus One

Toward the end of our stay in Moab, Dean and Terrie bring Phyllis out to visit us.  Terrie is determined to show her sister a 4-wheelin’ good time in this wild red rock town.  After a long week on the road, they spend a day preparing to unleash Terrie and Phyllis on the Moab trails.

Dean and Terrie arrive

Dean procures a rental Jeep in town and off we go.  Most of the ground that we cover is familiar already to Dean and Terrie.  Canyonlands NP, Arches NP, Shafer Canyon – we hit all the popular sites.  Of course all of these are new to Phyllis.  Just like Terrie, Phyllis screams appreciatively at every bump along the way.  I wonder if that reaction is genetic?

Terrie’s Disappointment in Moab

Terrie begs Dean to take her through Fins and Things again.  Sadly their stay this time is not long enough to include that adventure.  I am sure that Phyllis is as disappointed as Terrie to miss that thrilling ride.  Instead, we try desperately to make up this omission to them both by taking them on the shorter and not quite as exciting Wipeout Hill loop.

Wipeout Hill
Terrie all but demands that Dean climb Wipeout Hill, but he refuses!
Thelma and Louise Point
The happy group from home at Thelma and Louise Point
I thought they meant everyone had to jump off here – but it was only Thelma and Louise who were supposed to jump not me!!


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