Another Day in Delaware

In August we ventured to Delaware again; this time for a family birthday party.  After our last trip to Delaware, I made it my mission to discover more Delaware delights.  I spent a morning at Bethany Beach and as a lover of the solitude of beaches like Ocracoke Island, wondered how even the sunlight made it to the beach here through the throngs of people.

A Summer Morning at Bethany Beach

I ultimately found the very best spot on the beach.  From my rented beach chair ($2 per hour – worth it not to have to carry it), I was treated to one of the muscular young lifeguard’s morning workout.  He ran past me and dropped to the ground (the only person free spot of sand nearby) right beside me to do 20 (or so – whose counting?) sit ups, then he ran into the water and swam to the lifeguard station up the beach where he sprinted out of the water, dropped to the sand and did push-ups.  He jumped right back up and ran by me again to repeat the whole process a couple of times.  It was a delightful workout and I found my heart-rate reached the “zone” in no time at all!

Next I noticed a crowd of about 50 people walking toward me down the beach pointing towards the waves.  Turns out they were following the journey of a dead sea turtle who had washed up in the surf.  As I watched the crowd disappear down the beach, I wondered what they planned to do when he got where he was going.

After a half day at the beach, Storm picked me up and we visited the James Farm Ecological Park which I thought had a much nicer beach (fewer people per square foot).  It also turned out to be a perfect spot for bird and other animal watching.


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  1. Marginal VFR Forecast Uncertain says: Reply

    I am certain that was Storm, dressed down as a lifeguard.

    Otherwise, I never see him without his hat.

    MVFR, FU

    1. As you can see I agree with your suggestion of Storm as the more appropriate moniker. It especially goes well with his new lifeguard persona and those cute legs of his!!!

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