Albuquerque Evening Show

Sunny models her Balloon Fiesta Ensemble
Sunny models her Balloon Fiesta Ensemble

We have been settled in our volunteer spot in the South Park RV area just across the street from the Balloon Fiesta Park for a week now and things are really shaping up in preparation for 1,700 other RVs joining us here for the festival (that is just in our park – there are at least 3 other RV parks at the Fiesta).  We received our official ensembles (jacket, vest, t-shirt and hat) this week so we will be properly attired as we welcome our guests.  Please forgive my shorter, less verbose and probably error packed posts in the coming days but along with seemingly everyone else in Albuquerque we are busier each day preparing for the flood of balloon enthusiasts headed our way.  I can’t adequately describe how beautiful our stay in Albuquerque has been, but I am hoping that this time lapse video of last night’s sunset will give you an idea of just what a visual treat Albuquerque can be (and this one doesn’t even have a balloon in it).

More pictures:

Eastern sunset view
Western sunset view

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    1. Thanks – hope you guys are still having a fun and repair free adventure!

  1. Can’t wait to see more on the balloon festival.
    You look so pretty in purple.

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