Airventure Night AirShow 2018


A glider with sparklers on its wing tips dancing gracefully to soothing classical music performs the first night airshow Storm and I ever attend.  With T-6 Texan’s acrobatics and a B1 bomber full burner flyover, Wednesday’s Airventure Night Airshow promises to be a louder and more powerful display than our first experience.

Storm at night airshow
Storm eyes the clouds as we wait for the airshow. Photo credit to N. Clement Weathers (thanks!)

Wednesday Washout

Sadly a rain deluge and a shocking display of lightning just at showtime cancels the fun before it begins.  A modified show is rescheduled for Thursday.  I try to get the best shots that I can to share with you. Maintaining focus on distant airplanes at twilight with my cellphone proves to be a challenge.

The results of my efforts are displayed in the video below.  Why did I chose to photo the same plane over and over for the fireworks?  Those who know me well realize that no one wants me stumbling in the dark armed with a tripod.  Among a crowd of people, the potential for massive injuries is too great.  And that’s only accounting for my own injuries.  It does not include damage to airplanes and personal injury to innocent show attendees.

Wall of fire
All we saw Wednesday was the wall of fire ignite behind us as we fled with the masses to a dryer place.

On a final note, the drone formation flight was a little iffy.  Many of the drones wandered errantly through the air making the displays sometimes difficult to identify.  I thought they performed much like I would if I was a drone.  That is not good.

Airventure Night Airshow



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6 Replies to “Airventure Night AirShow 2018”

  1. Great pictures of the fireworks, sorry the music just doesn’t seem to match the slide show. Looking forward to hooking up in SD. 🙂

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Sorry about the music, after a full week of non-stop air show fun I was lucky to get any music on that video at all!

  2. Your photos turned out great! I thought the drones were a bit of a let down, but perhaps they will improve next year.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thank you! I hope they figure out the drones too. I think there is great potential there for an amazing show.

  3. Ruth Ann Chapman says: Reply

    Thanks for letting us see a little of the night show since the Wednesday night show was cancelled and we had to leave. Your pictures are fantastic!!! Great job!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thank you! I am glad for the time you spent with us there – so fun to share the airshow with friends!

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