After the fog cleared

Finally, Sunday – the one day of the weekend that was supposed to be clear arrived and it was shrouded in low clouds and dense fog.  What could we do but go to the airport and sit with the little plane’s nose sticking out of the hanger door eagerly awaiting a patch of blue sky to soar into.  After a couple of hours, rays of sunshine began to devour the pesky fog and we were able to lift off albeit belatedly in the direction of Chapel Hill.  We planned to join other pilots already there who were flying Young Eagles from the NC Jaycee Burn Center Teen Camp 2012.  We piloted the Yellow Cub (heavy) into Chapel Hill just in time to take the last 2 teens up.  We hated that we missed the chance to spend more time with this delightful group, but I DID get a chance to interview Nurse Natalie and I know that you will be as excited as I was to hear more about Teen Camp and their experiences on Sunday.  Thank you Nurse Natalie for talking with me and for brightening my day!!

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