About the Dawson Gang

The Dawson Gang began as a group of motorcycle riders mostly from North Carolina, but with members from as far away as France.  A love of riding and a special delight in finding the curviest, most scenic route to any destination brought us together. If you search through the old motorcycle posts on this site, you can still see photos and read stories from those days.

The original Dawson Gang motto – Why get there in an hour, when you can take ten?

Soaring fuel prices and a sluggish economy began to curtail the gang’s excursions and this website became my (Sunny Weathers – an original member of the Dawson Gang) vehicle to share the photos and stories from my adventures with my husband Storm(y) in our 1941 Piper J5A (and any other plane we could get our hands on!)

As of March 2016, both Storm(y) and I are retired and having sold all of our toys (4-wheelers, motorcycles, planes, boats, house, cars, security blanket) we will begin a new journey in a used RV.

New Goal – see as much of the beauty of the US and Canada and meet as many wonderful people as we can before we are too old to move!

With any luck we will also take photos and videos worth sharing, share amusing and possibly inspiring stories here, become better guitar and banjo players, lose weight, eat healthier, make the world a better place, find more toys to play with, explore new life options, learn French and/or Spanish, write that novel I always dreamed of writing, enjoy the peace and quiet, enjoy the noise and excitement, figure out how to turn everything on in our RV, take a photo of the milky way, make new friends, visit old friends, watch for shooting stars, and did I mention be retired??