A Weekend Trip to Austin

As full time RVers not only can we return to visit and reminiscence with old friends at home, but the new RV friends we make along the road move around like we do so it is not unusual to find ourselves within a few hundred miles of a party!  On this snake-free weekend for me Storm contacts Monte (a fellow Balloon Fiesta volunteer) to plan a weekend visit with him in Austin.  Turns out Sherry and Matt are volunteering at a National Park near Austin and after multiple texts, plans develop for an Austin night out.

Monte organizes our Friday evening starting with a visit to Drink Well for a round of their designer cocktails.  Sadly we decide not to begin our evening with their homemade Twinkie (I believe the flavor this evening is Cherry) dessert, but we do enjoy flavorful and unique libations before strolling down the street for dinner at Phara’s Mediterranean Restaurant. Under the stars, a full moon and some twinkly lights we enjoy a savory and piquant meal.  Wish we could stay long enough to watch the belly dancer’s gyrations but Monte has a full day of Austin touring planned for tomorrow so we need our rest!

Here are some odd sightings from our trip up to Austin:

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  1. Always wanted to see Austin City Limits, might even get the chance one of these days. Thanks for the note. GOD BLESS


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      We saw where they film ACL. You should definitely try to fit in a visit – the city is beautiful and the food there was awesome.

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