A Weekend in Wilmington

I was talking to Stormy last week about the claim made by folks that I talked to in Mobile, Alabama that Mardi Gras really started there and not in New Orleans.  We saw a little of the local MG festivities in Mobile and surrounding small towns while were down there and I mentioned that they did not seem to be as filled with debauchery as I imaged the festival in New Orleans to be.  Stormy had not  heard  the word “debauchery” used recently and he loved it!  He asked, “Can you get debaucholism from too much debauchery?”  I believe that he has invented this new word:

debaucholism n. – Poisoning caused by excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures.

And I think the answer to his question is “maybe” – stranger things have happened.

The TuTuTrivas headed for Wilmington last weekend to participate in a 5k race there on Saturday.  Since we are also preparing for a 1/2 marathon later this year, training had to continue in spite of the “short” race Saturday.  I found a great place for us to run on Friday afternoon at Greenfield Lake Park (5 mile loop map).  Even though it was cold running Friday, I bet when the azaleas and magnolias are blooming that is one pretty and fragrant run!  In addition to the beautiful park, there are inspirational signs everywhere warning of alligator danger.  These signs really encouraged us to work on building our running speed!  The coolest thing I learned about the park is that you can rent boats there and this link will take you to a downloadable tour of the lake that can be transferred to your Ipod so that you can be guided to the coolest stuff while you are out paddling.  I plan to do that next time I am in town!

We survived the breezy, chilly race in downtown Wilmington then we stopped by Duplin Winery on the way home.  At the winery we discovered that Icy was the poster girl for their 5K this fall (I guess I am now just part of her entourage!)

Icy as Poster Child for Duplin Winery Race
Icy as Poster Child for Duplin Winery Race
Before the race
Still looking good after the race
Wish we had gotten to run on the waterfront!
Wish we had gotten to run on the waterfront!


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