A Soggy Storm(y)

Storm’s day started off damply when we both forgot about the torrential thunderstorms last night and he happened to be under the first slide out that I retracted. 10 gallons of water dumped off the topper onto him! Not sure what was going on in Tennessee today, but it got worse. After his unexpected shower, sweat poured from his brow as he wove our rig out of the tightest campground we have ever seen (KOA of course – home of the 63′ seventy foot campsite). Then between Nashville and Memphis there was a 10 mile traffic jam (thank goodness on the eastbound side not our side). We stopped at a rest area near the traffic jam but it was locked because, according to a man inside who yelled at everyone who came to the door, “there was no power.” Not so bad for us with our “indoor” toilet, but the motorists who stopped there appeared ready to start a riot. 100 miles down the road, we pulled into a truck stop that had a just experienced a power surge which shut down all of their pumps (angry mob of truckers there) so we left that stop hungry and still needing diesel fuel. We managed to get fuel once we got to Arkansas, where Storm got baptized again each time I sprayed water on the windshield to clean it. To end a perfect day, we set up camp in Toad Suck Park outside Conway, Arkansas. Here is more about that:

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  1. Hahahahahaha

    1. Larry Wikoff says: Reply

      I’m from Arkansas, and that location still had a ferry when I visited it with my friends in the late 1950s or early 1960s. It was the name that drew us there; how could we resist?

  2. that was interesting.

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