A Reluctant Visit to Sturgis Bike Week 2018

Visiting Sturgis Bike Week 2018 (or any year for that matter) has never been on my bucket list.  I don’t like noise, crowds or riding in straight lines on motorcycles.  Bike Week encompasses all of these items endlessly.

For a lark, Matt, Sherry, Storm and I head over to Sturgis early in the day. We hope to take it all in and leave before things get rowdy.  Finding a parking space is the biggest challenge.  Once parked we are able to cruise the main drag and vendor area on foot inhaling the exhaust fumes and burning rubber of the bike shows while simultaneously being deafened by loud pipes and blasting music.

Rally Highlights

I would say that the event is pretty much like I expected.  I definitely recommend wearing ear plugs if you plan to attend.  If you check out the vendors, you can pick up some swag.  Sadly my haul from Bike Week pales in comparison to the goodies I collected at Airventure.

A couple of more fun facts about Sturgis Bike Week:

  • During the rally, the town of Sturgis doubles the sales tax in order to cover the extra cost of police, fire and rescue during the week.
  • Local news stations and newspaper deliver the daily Rally Tally each night.  This report details the number of motorcycle fatalities, injuries, arrests and DUI’s each day of the Rally.
Oh my we're not in Oshkosh anymore…

As for ladies with their clothes painted on or wearing only chaps with a thong, I see a few of those.  I assume that more come out at night.  The few pictures that I take of them would require copious amounts of alcohol and extremely dim light to make them viewable.  As a courtesy to my friends, I am not adding them here.

Add Sturgis to your bucket list?

In conclusion, if your bucket list is absolutely empty, you are in western South Dakota in early August and have nothing else to do, I say come to bike week.  Like us you will find things to look or cringe at there.  But for real fun wait until all the Sturgis fans clear out, pack a picnic and head up Spearfish Canyon.  Find a cool spot beside Roughlock Falls, enjoy your lunch, dip your feet in the cool, burbling waters and nestled on the cool. green grass take a nap in the blissful peace and quiet that follows the Sturgis rally.

Sunny Does Sturgis Bike Week 2018

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