A Place Jim Has Never Been Before

Jim rests up before we help him mark off one more item on the old bucket list

After an evening of libations followed by thorough and unrelenting interrogation, we learn that Jim has never been to Mesa Verde National Park.  We are astounded to discover this as we had always believed in his 6 years of full time RVing and lifetime of traveling before, that like Johnny Cash Jim been everywhere!  Parked in Durango, we are less than 40 miles from Mesa Verde and are able to quickly rectify this travel shortcoming.  We pile into Jim’s truck and head west to share with him a tour of this elevated and widely dispersed National Park.

A Springtime Photo of the Cliff Palace

Because it is so early in the season, not much is open in Mesa Verde today and the one tour that is available is already booked for the day by the time that we arrive.  You can see lots of photos from Mesa Verde by checking out my posts from our visits last summer. 

For your amusement, I created this Easter photo from a Mesa Verde overlook (sorry it is too late for Easter):


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2 Replies to “A Place Jim Has Never Been Before”

  1. The rolling eggs were cute. We have never been there either. Our running money has been cut short. 6000 for a new rubber roof last month, and yesterday when I took the RV to get inspected it quit in the middle of Apex Peak Way. 900 to get it moved to the side of the road, tow truck was called by the Apex PD and when that happens they charge 3 times the going rate. When cops call the tow company has 30 minutes go be on site, when Road Side Services call the tow has 2 hours to get there. Since I was blocking a main highway the cops took over, but the Road Side folks said that they would reimburse us for the cost which is good. It has been determined that the main fuel pump has gone out, that is 4500 plus 10 hours labor. But we are all OK and it is just money, Looks like the bank is going to own it again for a little while. GOD BLESS


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Man, I am so sorry to hear that you had those problems. Happy that everyone is fine, but sad that the RV has been so troublesome. Hope that is the last of the big expenses on it for a while!
      Hugs to you both,

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