A Lucky Ride North

I guess this is just our lucky day!  We leave Kanab headed north to stop in Richfield for a grocery stop.  We haven’t seen a well stocked grocery for almost 3 weeks and I can’t wait for a shopping extravaganza.  Lulled by the scenic ride that I love up US 89 along the Sevier River, I expect no problems on this short trip to Santaquin, UT.

A Lucky Break

Storm unloads a shopping cart full of groceries up to me in the coach.  As I restock our shelves, he rechecks the tires on our rig and the trailer.  I can tell from the look on his face when we comes back to the door, that he is not pleased with the results of his inspection. 

Turns out one of the trailer tires has begun to disintegrate.  He uses the new compressor that he installed in the Jeep to reinflate the tire, but we are not going far on this rubber disaster.

This tire store was in the parking lot of the grocery store!
They had us jacked up and new tires on the way in no time flat

While we are discussing the problem, I look up and notice that there is a tire store adjacent to the grocery!  Storm hustles over there and hallelujah, they have just the tires we need.  Storm limps the rig around the corner into their parking lot and within 45 minutes, they finish the job.  We replace both tires on the driver’s side as they are the same age (old).  Thrilled that this problem is easily and quickly solved, we continue north toward Salt Lake City.

Good Timing

Black clouds snarl at us the further north we proceed.  Ears attuned to the slightest noise, Storm and I both hear a loud knock on my side of the RV.  Fearing more tire problems, Storm asks me to take a closer look at the trailer tires in the mirror.  I can’t tell, but I think maybe I see a tire rim.  We are running out of shoulder, but Storm squeezes into the last few feet of off-road refuge.  Thank goodness, he returns from his equipment check this time with a smiling face.  All is well with the trailer.

We get back underway and within a mile or so begin to meet vehicles flashing their headlights at us.  What is going on?   We find out soon enough when the road color morphs from gray to solid white. We are riding on about a half inch of hail pellets!  Storm slows down and comments to me, “Thank Goodness you got me to stop and check the trailer tires or we would have been right in the middle of the hailstorm that did this.”

Thank goodness the storm had blown by when we got here.

A Delicious Parking Spot

As new Harvest Host members, we have access to a network of farms, wineries and stores that allow RVs to park overnight in their lots.  We are so happy to arrive at Rowley’s Red Barn, a farm store just south of Salt Lake City.  Here we purchase delicious fresh strawberries for $.99 for 2 quarts plus lots of other goodies.  It truly is our lucky day!

Finally - our safe haven for tonight

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