A Grand Ride

Storm says the Palisade Peaches are the best he has ever tasted!

Plump succulent pink peaches beckon us to the Farmer’s Market in Palisade, CO for a fruit and veggie fix.  Palisade is wine and peach country for Colorado, but since we need to exert our leg muscles rather than our arm muscles we decide to wander the local parks avoiding the vineyards after procuring our fresh leafy foodstuffs in the market.

Rusty's Dream
Rusty’s Dream

Our drive to the nearest park takes us past the unique statue show on the right.   On our Munzee hunt in Riverbend park we share a birthday celebration with an excited young man, meander along the muddy, rushing river and chat with a number of anglers relaxing along the bank while attached to slack fishing lines dangling in the placid pond.

Revived and ready for new vistas after our hike, we make the Prius groan hauling us up the steep climb to Land’s End Observatory in Grand Mesa National Forest.    Shivering through a hasty glance at the valley below from the Observatory, we brave the dirt road down towards Delta, CO.  Belatedly we remember to put the GoPro on the Prius so we capture only the last 10 miles or so down.  Here are some pics from the day and a short video of the ride down from Land’s End Observatory.

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