A Few Delightful Morsels of Delaware

Rain and a feverish attack on Storm’s digestive system put the kibosh on our Delaware sight-seeing plans.  We had hoped to enjoy a few side trips to savor autumn at the Delaware coast.  Instead we make the most of Storm’s recovery and intermissions in the downpours to visit nearby points of interest.

Surprise!  Kentucky is not the only state with distillery tours.  Seacrets Distillery in Ocean City, Maryland offers tours for $10 per person.  In a warehouse appointed with antique factory fittings and modern stills, a prohibition themed tour awaits us.  Once we give the secret speakeasy password, a hidden door slides aside to admit us to a tasting.  The theatrical aspect of the tour appeals to me, but our guide needs to step up her spiel to compete with Bubba from Wild Turkey!

Time Clock
Before beginning the tour, we had to clock in at an antique time clock
Eventide at the church

While scurrying along the Sussex County back roads to run errands, I spy what appears to be a transparent church.  I return to the site a few days later and find a very compelling structure.  Blackwater Presbyterian Church occupied this clearing in a cluttered graveyard until only a few years ago.  After surviving since 1767, the wooden bones supporting this deteriorating sanctuary were finally shred by the gluttonous mandibles of a termitic hoard.

The Preservation Society was forced to dismantle the unsafe structure.  In its historically registered place, a metal silhouette of the former church is being erected .  I meet an ad hoc tour guide at the site (she was the neighbor from across the street).  She explains that within the boundaries of the original foundation, individual bricks in a new floor are engraved with the names of each person who occupied the corresponding spot in the church pews when they (both the pews and the people) still existed.

There are some elaborate tombstones in this cemetery

More Scenes from Our Delaware Visit

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  1. JIM SANDY DUKEMAN says: Reply

    WOW, even under adverse conditions and out of the way places you find treasures that we never thought of . Thanks for sharing, get well soon and safe travels. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

  2. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

    Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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