A fall flying day

Last weekend while we were out in the little plane, I tried to capture video of our flights with my GoPro camera.  Those of you who know me, also know that my GoPro Hero 3 is the single most frustrating piece of equipment I have ever owned.  As usual, the camera chose to record whatever it wanted so the first segment of the following video is in time lapse and the rest is actual video.  I guess “GoPro” decided I was not creative enough on my own. I recorded our take-offs and landings at the various airports we visited that day and if you check out the ground as we approach Ball Field you will see an oddly shaped building(?) just before we turn final.  During the flight leg back to JNX, we picked up a bug on the camera lens which slightly obscures the beautiful sunset.  My deepest apologies for that, but I have yet to obtain the blue-tooth lens cleaner remote for this camera.  Of course even if I did have a cleaner like that, I doubt it would work when a bug was actually on the lens since nothing else on this system works as expected!

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