A couple of cool canyon roads

Although Storm and I had already taken the Potash Road toward Canyonlands and eventually up Shafer Canyon Road, Dean and Terrie had never been on either road.  For their first day of renting a Jeep, this seemed a good destination choice.  Between the profusion of new flowers blooming and the ever changing skies, it was just like a new ride for us too.  Storm wanted me to play with the GoPro so I made a timelapse video of the Potash Road portion of the trip using the intervalometer of the GoPro (taking pictures every 2 seconds and smushing them into a video afterword).  When we headed up Shafer Canyon Road, I changed to video and hyperlapsed it when we got back home.  Which do you like better?

Potash Road – intervalometer timelapse

Shaffer Road – hyperlapsed video


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  1. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your travels. Gorgeous, rugged country.
    Video and stills are great. This ‘ole brain can’t quite keep up with the time lapse.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks for following us!

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