A Colorful Ride

Along US 550 south of Ouray
Along US 550 south of Ouray

Nineteen hundred miles in one long weekend was a lot of miles even for Storm and me, but that’s what it takes to make it from Albuquerque to Nicole and David’s wedding in Teton Village and back to Albuquerque by Monday.  On an ordinary day the ride north is stunning, but we experience a special treat this time as the aspens and other hardwoods are decked out in their most colorful autumn finery.

I do not get many pictures (darn it) because Storm was on a “tight schedule” that did not include “stopping at every overlook” to take a decent picture :-).  While Storm has mastered shooting from a moving car, my blurred photos shot from the car window are always disappointing to me so I made the following video (also shot from a car window and possibly also blurry) to give you a chance to virtually enjoy the winding vibrant ride back down the Million Dollar highway to Durango.  Please note – we are only traveling about 25 miles an hour.  I sped the video up (4 times faster) so that you could see more of the ride in less time.  And having told you that, I still think that the truck driver at the beginning of the video is awesome at handling the curves and the white car – NOT!

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8 Replies to “A Colorful Ride”

  1. Awesome ride, awesome video.

    I am now certain Storm learned how to drive somewhere up around Wilkesboro, and I am pretty sure I know what his cargo was.


  2. Shhh… don’t let any secrets out of the bag 🙂 Glad you liked the ride… hope to get to take you with us on a similar ride before too much longer!

  3. Since I am responding from NC, I smiled at first comment. Good grief! Glad I never drove that route. I gritted my teeth just getting in and out of Sedona after ballon fiesta . Love the West. Happy trails. Sally

    1. Wish you were out west with us – I know how much you love Balloon Fiesta. Miss you! S

  4. Awesome video. Glad you guys are able to send us snippets of your travels, but do miss having you around.
    David K

    1. Hi David, We miss you guys too! Sure wish the whole gang was out here riding bikes with us – so many awesome roads and incredible scenery!

  5. Always wanted to make a fall trip to see the aspens in full color regalia. Seems like we always went in the spring or summer though. Came closest in Yellowstone in September but the aspens hadn’t really changed much yet. Some year you and Storm are having were looking forward to catching up in November.

    1. I keep thinking of you and the BA biker babe everywhere that we travel here. Don’t know if we can arrange something around this time next year so you can catch the colors and the balloon fiesta, but we should try!

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