A cold, wet 5k run

Trading my tutu in for a water resistant rain suit (I thought it was water proof but noooo), I headed to Raleigh to participate in the Special Olympics 5k Torch Run last week. You are probably wondering why I would do that since it was raining and 40 degrees outside. I have no answer except that I like to be outside, I did get to run with friends, and I had already paid for the T-Shirt.  The upside of a soggy race like this is I walked/jogged as fast as I ever do motivated by the hope that I might sip hot chocolate when I finished.  Also the rain drove away all of the strollers. For those of you who like me are slow lumbering “runners” who find yourself victims of gazelle propeller toddler chariots as they stampede from the back  of the pack to their rightful place at the front of the herd, I am sure you appreciate how glad my toes and ankles were for their absence.  Unfortunately, with the exception of myself only serious runners show up for a hardcore event like this so even at my fastest, I was still at the back of the pack in my age group.

Ever the multitasker, I worked with some of my new camera equipment during the race.  Without a camera person, I struggled to keep people in the frame (sorry about that Karen :-)).  I also learned that wearing and operating a helmet-cam is a little more challenging than I expected.  So I am not promising much from this video, but if you were there and want to see at least some part of yourself on film, then check it out.  If you were not there but want to experience a very condensed version of a cold, rainy 5k run – enjoy!

PS – after the run, the sponsors offered the additional treat of a “polar plunge” into a nearby lake. Feeling that my polars had been sufficiently saturated by nature’s chilly pelting, I abjured that extra activity.

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