A Cherry of a weekend

Cherry Blossom festival in DC was a little chilly this year, but blooming gorgeous none the less.  I learned new things about DC that previous visits had not uncovered.  For example they have 5K Fridays in Crystal City during April.  It is a community thing and if we had known in advance, my niece and I would have joined right in.  Instead, it took us a while to figure out why all those people were running down the street with race bibs on at 5pm.

My niece’s boyfriend went to Arlington to visit the gravesite of a friend with whom he had served and learned that the folks at Arlington are extremely helpful and respectful of such visits.  They helped him locate his friend’s site, provided him with a free ride to the gravesite and gave him a phone number to call for pickup when he was ready to leave.

We learned that the food at the Sculpture Garden Pavilion Cafe is amazingly delicious.  Since this is the ONLY place to eat near the Smithsonian museums and we were STARVING, this was a delightful surprise.

Below are Sunny’s takes on the trip and a few photos worth sharing.

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