A busy, beautiful day to fly

Don’t you love the fall? Crisp morning flights and smooth sunlit landings. A perfect time for aviator fellowship and for sharing our love of flight with future pilots. Stormy and I enjoyed all of these things and more on a day full of flying and socializing last Saturday. First we set off for “Wings Over Harnett” – the open house at Harnett Regional Airport. We expected a lot of fun, but were delighted at how well organized and well attended this event was. Whoever had the idea to have very young musicians perform classic rock was genius.  I enjoyed the music and the earnestness of the performers.  Stormy made the news: Click here for the story

Here are a few pictures from this event – click on a picture to open a full size viewer.

After talking to lots of folks and showing off the J-5, we headed to Ball Field for the annual Joe Ball Memorial Fly-In.  On the way, we flew over Ken’s Korny Maze for this shot:

20141018-DSC_1815Although the wind picked up quite a bit on the way to Ball Field, we landed safely and parked beside this famous aviator:

Jumbo Jet Barbie

To the harmony of music performed by a local bluegrass group, the most delicious barbeque was served for dinner along with a smorgasbord of delectable casseroles.  Between bites, I got these pictures:

20141018-DSC_1830 20141018-DSC_1825 20141018-DSC_1843 20141018-DSC_1848 20141018-DSC_1850 20141018-DSC_1853 20141018-DSC_1858 20141018-DSC_1867 20141018-DSC_1834

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