A look forward and backward

As most of you know by now, Storm and I will be taking the big plunge, pulling up all of our stakes and riding off into the sunset in an RV in the next few months.  Thanks to everyone who has offered us great suggestions on destinations.  Please be assured that I am adding them all to the list.  I will update you as our plans firm up.

In the meantime, if you need cheap airplane parts now is the time to visit Storm’s website and get you some!

Until I get back up and traveling (now it’s all just sell, sell, sell), I will share with you some oldies but goodies from pre blogs trips that served to only whet our appetite for the adventures we are about to enjoy.

This story is from a 2008 winter trip to Jackson Hole.  When we disembarked in Jackson, we could not believe how much warmer a “dry” cold felt then the miserable cold back home.  We shed our jackets and headed out for the Elk Refuge.  We had been there many times in the summer, but alas the Elk are smart enough to seek high, cooler air at that time of the year.  At the ranch visitor center, we learned that we could take a sleigh ride right out among the Elk (hurray!!) so we did just that.  Here are some pictures from that ride:

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