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Who could resist flying on such a delightful weekend especially armed with a new app called Social Flight which emails a list of nearby flying related activities to its members each week.  Dinner in Williamsburg was our idea, but we were lured there by the promise of donuts and coffee courtesy of the flight school at JGG airport on Saturday morning.  In typical flight school fashion, the promised donuts were not available when pilots arrived.  They offered to “run and get some” but blue skies were calling and no one cared to sit around and wait for them.   So along with the other disappointed pilots off we soared, on to the beautiful and hospitable airport at Edenton where a Young Eagle event was planned but not very well attended.  There are several unique and old planes hangared at this airport so ask if you can snoop around when you land there.  With no youngsters to fly, we accepted the generosity of the FBO folks there and took the courtesy car into town.  There we enjoyed a delicious lunch on main street, walked the waterfront and watched the “petapoolza” dog show.  Here are pics from this pleasant day!

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