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This weekend was a time to get back down to earth and focus on racing.  One potentially delightful experience that awaited me on Friday was the opportunity to photograph a kid’s triathlon  (1 mile run, 10 minute spin bike and an obstacle course in lieu of swim as the pool was closed – you don’t want to know why) at the YMCA in Henderson.  This was my niece’s first attempt at a “tri” and a I wanted to be there to encourage her.  Unfortunately the Y has a “policy” (and they could not stess that word enough) that requires all spectators (except basketball spectators) to provide a complete life history, their picture AND (this is where I put my foot down) a finger vein recognition print before being allowed past the front desk.  I objected that their recording of a print was a violation of my privacy and not necessary for my role as a photographer\visitor.  They retorted that it was not a “fingerprint” and it was their “policy” to collect a finger vein print in all cases except (again) basketball spectators (who are apparently a notoriously secure group as opposed to the risk that old ladies taking pictures pose).  The front desk lady actually tried to make it sound as though she was doing me a favor by taking the print and entering it with all of my personal info to her database (God only knows who they might sell that to).  She said that providing all this data would make it easier for me to enter the Y on my next visit.  I assured her that based on my experience with them so far, there was no way I would ever return.  Fortunately for me their strict security policy did not extend past the immediate area of the front desk, so I was able to get the pictures of the children by avoiding that entrance.  But I had not expected to get my blood pressure elevated so high until…

Saturday, the day that my sister and I tackled our longest run yet of 8 miles.  We decided again to run on the Neuse River Greenway and got an early start to avoid the run debilitating heat.  We were at about mile 6, when my sister grabbed the towel I had tucked into my waistband and started flailing me with it.  At first I thought, she could have just asked me to run faster!  The truth was I was covered with mosquitoes and by the time she saw it, I was seriously in need of a transfusion.  Lucky for her, they were only attracted to me.  Sadly for me, I am not able to outrun mosquitoes.  I spent the rest of the run trying to swat, jog and scratch.  Much more of this type of training and the 1/2 marathon that we are working toward will be a relief!!  We did meet two men at the end of the trail who were just starting their run and like all who are interested in this sport(?) we spent a minute trading race ideas.  They encouraged us to try out the Army 10 Miler and I jokingly suggested that they should check out the Disney Princess Half Marathon to which they immediately replied that they had and it was already booked up!

See the sweet young athletes in the picture gallery below along with some photos I have taken of the recent weird skies:

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