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Eastward bound

After not quite 7 months of being a full time RVer, I am showing definite signs of acclimation.  For example, when we first retired and headed west I was crazy nervous about not having a reservation and a definite place … Continue reading

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A Good Bad Thing

The work at HWH is a planned maintenance stop that we had been working toward since we left home.  We allow a week for their repairs and they finish in 3 days plus we get to sight see so all … Continue reading

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We’ll be coming over the mountain… we hope

So there I was, an overheating engine on one hand and an overheating Storm on the other.  After successfully running his own shop for years, Storm has no patience for what he perceives as disorganized service.  They took that clamp … Continue reading

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Grand Junction – The Good, The Bad and The Costly

On the way back to Moab from California, we searched online for the closest Cummins Repair Shop in hopes that we could get our overheating engine problem remedied. We found just such a shop in Grand Junction Colorado and since … Continue reading

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Zion National Park

Zion National Park is one of my favorites (oh who am I kidding I love all the National Parks). This is one place where I really wish I was a better photographer because I can’t quite capture the majesty of … Continue reading

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Update on the Coach – Stormy saves the day and the next day and the next…

Here is an update on the state of the motor coach for those of you who are interested. The leveling component that delayed our start because we next day aired it to the manufacturer to get it fixed before we … Continue reading

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Terrie’s Dream Ride

As soon as Terrie found out that we could take a jeep on the “slick rock” she insisted that we rent a 4 door jeep and take her out to Fins and Things for a ride. I tried to warn … Continue reading

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