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Grand Junction – Killing Time

Monday dawns cool and clear – perfect weather to merge onto I-70 and get across the high mountains at Vail with less stress on our engine.  Thermostat is replaced and leaky hose checked and tightened again so off we go … Continue reading

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Grand Junction – The Good, The Bad and The Costly

On the way back to Moab from California, we searched online for the closest Cummins Repair Shop in hopes that we could get our overheating engine problem remedied. We found just such a shop in Grand Junction Colorado and since … Continue reading

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Return to Moab

We pulled into Moab where we once again hooked up with Jim for some local fun.  Our first night back, the rodeo was in town so we hiked over for a night’s entertainment. Click here to check out Jim’s blog … Continue reading

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Prius OHV

As you can see from this video, the Prius is not afraid to go off road and hang out with jacked up Jeeps: However upon our return to Moab, Jim insisted that we address our lack of suitable backcountry transportation … Continue reading

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Starry, Starry Night

Once back in Utah, we tried our first night of boon docking on BLM land atop a lonely hill outside Goblin Valley State Park. Wow – how cool to be out in the desert with only a big beautiful sky … Continue reading

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It’s a Lonely Road

After almost roasting in Death Valley, we began our research for the return route to Maob with a determination to avoid mishap.  Since temps were predicted at highs of 105 on the southern return route through Las Vegas, we dismissed … Continue reading

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Lots to see and do in Lone Pine

Tired from our fun whirlwind tour of Northern California, Storm and I returned to Lone Pine, CA to retrieve our coach from storage and rest up a couple of days.  Dean and Terrie headed back toward the east and I … Continue reading

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