Airplane Parts for Sale

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PhotoPriceItemPart Number  
H60-050$100.00AAE Tach Generator fits a number of different type twin engine airplanesH60-050Overhauled with Authorized Release CertificateH60-050
36-380050-1New $2385.33
you pay $1000.00
Beechcraft Baron Gear Selector Post 198436-380050-1
Used - Serviceable complete with lights and wiring harness
50-920064List Price $105
you pay $75.00
Beechcraft Fuel Tank Finger Strainer50-920064New
AMS3303$25.00Beechcraft GeeBee Silicon Seal - Lower Wing Seal 2 each, 48" long and adhesiveAMS3303New
002-430008-169$25.00Beechcraft Half Hinge Window002-430008-169New
002-410053-15List price $74.00
you pay $75.00 for 2
Beechcraft Nose Gear Door Link rods002-410053-15NewPair
W-33-7510-10-ET$35.00Beechcraft PIlot Yoke Medallion and Elasped Time 8 day ClockW-33-7510-10-ETUsed in good and working conditionW-33-7510-10-ET
36-0170384-01List Price $104 each
you pay $45.00 each
Beechcraft Whelen Strobe Flash Tubes36-0170384-01New 4 each - new in the wrapper - wingtip strobesEach
20150926_143358List Price $76.46
you pay $55.00
Brackett Air Filter for Gulfstream American "Yankee" AA-1, AA-1A, AA-1B, AA-1C, AA-5BA-4210New in box
CABPresAlt$75.00Cabin pressure altitude indicator (0-50,000 ft.), located on one of the sub-panels in some aircraft. The Lackner Co, USA. Order No. AF 33 (038)-23412. MFR's Part No. AC-106.
This gauge was standard equipment mounted on a sub-panel of a Lockheed T-33
0750288-1List Price $865.00 each
you pay $500.00 each
Cessna 182 Airbox Top Collar0750288-1New - 2 eachEach
1270859-2$75.00Cessna 210 Mount1270859-2New in package1270859-2
Cessna Yoke$30.00Cessna bow tie control yokeUsed
1411202-201List Price $665.00
you pay $475.00
Window Latch
This part replaces:
Cessna Control LockList Price $596.00
you pay $100.00
Cessna control lock 1074 modelPN 0460134-1New with protective covering
SK207-21List Price $377.00
you pay $200.00
Cessna Nose Wheel Faring Modification KitSK207-21New
S2243-2List Price $46.20
you pay $41.58
Cessna overhead light redS2243-2Kit - 1 Red, 1 White Bulb
Cessna Yingling Aviation Part, Battery Contactor 12V111-138DUsed - Serviceable111-138D
Mooney Ground Plug$85.00Cessna/Mooney ground power plugGreat - not new
649406-3$50.00Continental Breather Assembly - Oil Filler for Continental Big Block649406-3Used in serviceable condition
102033List Price $56.15
you pay $35.00
Datcon Mini hour meter 2 hole102033New
Davtron Model 803List Price for clock and connector $465.00 - you pay $375.00 Davtron Model 803 Clock with optional 9-pin female connector 11-04604Davtron Model 803New - read OS Air temp, volts, UTC, local time and includes timer with battery backup
P15-936List Price $75.00
you pay $60.00
Donaldson Paper Air Filter for Piper PA32,46 seriesP15-1936, Alternate Piper Number 4561020New
EZ360AList Price $149.95
you pay$120.00
E-Z Heat aircraft engine heaterEZ360ANew - Fits Continental Engine with Kidney Oil Tank
Fuel Sampler$5.00Fuel Sampler - for use with F391 Flush Valves, All ModelsNew - still in box
Honeywell 622EN1-6List Price $395.00
you pay $300.00
Honeywell Switch (New)622EN1-6New - Never usedSee Tech Drawing
2873List Price $163.00
you pay $35.00
Insight Instruments TIT screw in probe2873New
420815-2New Price $269.00
you pay $100.00
JP Instruments Standard Magneto Vent Plug RPM Sensor, fits any Bendix420815-2New
20160221_121924$200.00Mooney Aircraft - Riggin Tool - Nose Gear and Rigging Tool - Main Gear030008-001
Used - price is for both nose and main gear rigging tool20160221_121846
560026-007 Rev E$125.00Mooney reinforcement (Dogbone) strap560026-007 Revision ENew - Factory price $181.40
W-2494-RHList Price $307.40
you pay $255.26
Mooney Right side landing light lens for M20J,K,L,M,R,S W-2494-RHNew
38047-003List Price $153.87
you pay $25.00
Piper Angle, Nose Gear Retract Attachment38047-003New
65003-046List price is $61.34 each
you pay $25.00 for pack of 5
Piper Bushings65003-046New Surplus - package of 5
This part supercedes 453-951
Price is for pack of 5
489-463$50.00Piper CHT Probe
S/N 05361
489-463Used - Serviceable in good condition489-463
487-704List Price $42.90
you pay $8.00
Piper Cowl Fastener for Navaho, possibly others481-704New
Part Number 38517-803List Price $515.00
you pay $375.00
Piper Fuel Guage and Plate Assembly38517-803Serviceable-not new
Piper Ground PlugList Price $149.95
you pay $85.00
Piper ground power plug assembly62355-02Great - not new
20150927_144943$96.00Piper Kit Pitch Trim Switch764-401New
455-956List Price New $5383.60
you pay $250.00
Piper Landing Gear Hydraulic Cylinder455-956Used - Serviceable
20160221_122957$100.00Piper Landing Gear Hydraulic Pump Mount Manifold96902-00Used - in perfect condition96906-00
20829-000List Price: $220.30
you pay $75.00
Piper Landing Gear Side Brace Stud for PA24-180 and PA-24-25020829-000Supercedes to 487-596 Serviceable - Includes Nondestructive Inspection, Testing and Processing Blue Tag20829-000
67135-003List Price $105.82
you pay $25.00
Piper Latch Assembly, Brake Handle fits PA-28, PA-32 Series67135-003New
Call for photoNew Price $764.30
you pay $100.00
Piper Mount Assembly, Hydraulic Pump96902-00Serviceable
20150926_143738$100.00Piper PA-28-180 Fuel Servo Induction Elbowwith gasket and hardwareNew
67919-00, 67919-03$50.00Piper PA-28R and PA-32R Auto Extend By-pass Indicator67919-00, 67919-03, 62833-37, 68488-800, 67703-02, 404-902, 407-562, 415-739, 554-952New does NOT include Flight Manual Supplements or Flasher Assembly
764-401$50.00PIper Pitch Trim Switch Replacement Kit764-401New
79792-003$75.00Piper Seat Belt Bellcrank79792-003New
69791-000$10.00Piper Series PA-28 and PA-32 Cowl Plate Assembly69791-000Used in serviceable condition69791-000
690-727List Price $6.50 each
you pay $25.00 for package of 10
Piper Stud, Baggage Door, Strap Anchor690-727New - package of 10Package of 10
486-573$100.00Piper twin 486-573 tach cable486-573New
105476Overhauled List Price $1150 (plus return of $3000 core) - you pay $450.00 Piper/Bellanca/Commander Landing gear hydraulic power pack overhauled
Piper Part Number: 96671-02
Bellanca Part Numbers: 195633, 195672
Commander Part Number: 795000-1
Overhauled by Kelly Aerospace - no core required no core required
Fits PA28R, PA32R-300, PA32RT-300, Bellanca 300 series, Commander 112/A/B/TCA, possibly fits 114 model
151-10$25.00Stall Warning Switch - core value only151-10Needs Overhaul - core value only
C-52207-4$25.00Stall Warning Switch - core value onlyC-52207-4Needs Overhaul - core value only
Vacuum Failure Warning System$96.00Vacuum/Pressure System Failure Warning SystemNew